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Gift Certificates For Body Massage

Body massages can always be a perfect gift for many occasions. It can be that special gift for birthdays, holidays, weddings, graduations, and even for appreciation, as a rewards, or simply just a gift to cheer up or surprise your loved ones and/or friends.

It goes without questions that cars need to be maintained on a regular basis. Similarly, men or women, young or old, all need to be pampered and treated with special care at least once in a awhile. Massages are the perfect way to get instant relaxation and stress relief. In many cases it even takes away our physical suffering because our bodies and minds are rejuvenated after an effective massage. It renews our energy, which helps us to either recover faster or manage our condition with much ease.

With our gift certificates, we offer a "Buy 5, Get 2" body massage special. Please contact Rafi for more information. Book your appointment by phone or email through his contact form.

Instant Rewards! Buy 5, Get 2 Body Massages as bonus:

  • Get TWO 30-minute massages as a BONUS
    when you buy FIVE 60-minute massage gift certificates

  • Get ONE 60-minute + ONE 30-minute massage as a BONUS
    when you buy FIVE 90-minute massage gift certificates


Gift Certificates
Delivery Method
Mailing Address if any




Step 1
Select your desired package and press the Buy Now button.

Step 2
Make payments with your credit card or your own PayPal account through the PayPal web site.

Step 3
Preint and keep a hard copy of the confirmation for your records in case you lose your gift certificates or need a proof for cancellation.

Step 4
Based on your selected option during the purchase, you may pick up the gift certificates on your own, or you may receive them in a mail. Please make sure you enter your current mailing address for such purpose.

Step 5
Be sure to book an appointment ahead of time. Remember to bring the gift certificate to your appointment or your booking will be considered as an unpaid service.

Change of Schedule

Please note that all cancellations or changes of schedule should be made at least 48 business hours (Mon - Sat, 9am - 8 pm) prior to the actual appointment.

For example: If you book your massage session for Monday at 7 pm, your latest time to make cancellation or change schedule is on the previous Friday at 7 pm.

Cancellation, Refund Policy & Re-issuing Certificates

Refunds are available within 12 hrs or prior to the pick up /mailing time. Please call directly and/or send your request through our contact page.

Once the gift certificate has been issued, deliverd or picked up, any cancellation made after will be charged with a $10 handling fee.

If you lost your gift certificates, you need to bring the receipts to void it from our system. Once that's done we will re-issue new gift certificates to you. A $10 handling fee will be charged accordingly.

Please also be aware that any BONUS gift certificates cannot be re-issued if you lost it.